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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  June 28, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> back then, the majority of cameras were either broken or decoys. laura anthony joins us live from b.a.r.t. and walnut creek with a look at why it will take cooperation as well as cameras. laura? >> reporter: that's right. b.a.r.t. is asking for the public's help rolling out this new technology. they want riders to make a note of the train car they're on, just outside the doors. you're getting on the train, that way b.a.r.t. will better be able to locate the video after the fact. >> we now have video of you. we have your image that we can share with police. >> reporter: it's a clear warning to anyone who might break the law on a b.a.r.t. train, and could help riders rest easy. now that everyone of the district's 600 plus cars has working surveillance cameras. and it's the fallout of a january 2016 murder when carlos romero was shot and killed at the west oakland station, a
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crime that happened within feet of a fake camera. b.a.r.t. revealed then more than 70% of the cameras on the trains were nonfunctioning dummies. a working platform camera did capture images of a suspect, but so far police have made no arrests. >> a video, a picture of someone is just one tool that law enforcement uses. someone in the public knows this person, and so just hopeful they'll come forward. >> reporter: the new cameras have been installed in phases, and b.a.r.t. officials cred ut them with making two arrests in april's teen mob robberies on a train at the coliseum station. >> every krigt night b closed down, we have crews replacing the cameras. that work is now done. >> i think it helps to know that something is there watching. but i think it would only solve a problem like later on. >> reporter: the cameras are not
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monitored in real time, but they will record video that will be kept for seven days. laura anthony, "abc7 news." breaking news now in southern california. fire burning perilously close to some homes. as you can see from this live picture, it looks as though firefighters have gotten a handle on it. mandatory evacuation orders are in effect for about 50 homes that are close toast the fire. this is what it looked like earlier. at least 16 acres have burned. the fire is 80% contained now. no homes have been damaged so far. we have seen firefighters attacking it on the ground as well as in helicopters and we'll continue to keep an eye on this fire. as we're updating the "abc7 news" app with the latest information. in san jose, a smaller fire burned closer to buildings. it started around 2:45 this afternoon. while the flames did threaten buildings at one point, firefighters were able to slow the spread of the fire. at least 15 acres burned.
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no injuries were reported. in oakland, firefighters rescued a cat and dog from a house fire. paramedics used special equipment to revive the animals. >> we're able to bring the animals out. there's an ambulance on scene that was able to revive the animals and bring them back to life. >> neighbors on fairfax avenue called to report a fire in the basement of an east oakland home this afternoon. the homeowner told firefighters two animals were still inside. firefighters contained the flames and the animals went to an animal hospital. tonight, police in san jose are trying to find out what led to an attempted murder/suicide. a man killed himself and injured a woman today at a house on creston lane. the woman is expected to be okay. police say the man was the only suspect, and there were no other victims. >> it was another female that was seen running away, and we determined that was a female that, because of the shots being fired, was just running away there the scene itself. but there are no other victims
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that we're aware of. >> a nonprofit group that deals with gangs tells "abc7 news" pthis neighborhood struggles wih many gang related issues. police have not said whether the shooting is gang related. new at 6:00, a petaluma man is under arrest for having sex with a teenager. he's 23 years old and the alleged victim is 15. police say he admitted he knew he was having sex with a minor, and told them he had exchanged sexual messages with other minors. police would like those people to come forward. there are new developments in the case of the santa cruz doctor accused of sex crimes against children. despite prosecutor's objections, today the judge granted the doctor bail set over $6 million. if he bails out, he would be under house arrest with g.p.s. monitoring and limits on internet access and a no contact order with potential witnesses and alleged victims. >> we definitely appreciate the
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court's analysis. but nonetheless, we're concerned that may not be sufficient. >> for the first time today, we saw one of the nurses in the case accused of being an accomplice. he faces similar charges and they will be tried together. %-pm practicing as a nurse until the case is resolved. prosecutors are hoping the third defendant in this case, emily stevens, will be extradited here from arizona. the next court date is set for july 27. a report from the san francisco city treasurer's office shows inequities in the bail system, a system that's weighted against the poor. vic lee has more >> reporter: eric, here's the report that was released. it is a blistering attack on the county's bail system and a call for reforms, reforms by the way
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which the public defender and the sheriff support. to get out of jail before trial, those arrested can pay the entire bail. they'll get it back if they make the court hearing. if they can't make the full amount, you can pay a percentage, normally 10%, to a bail agent, which is nonrefundable. bail, the get out of jail card, is everyone's constitutional right, but is it fair to everyone? her brother was bailed out by his girlfriend's family. >> they ended up putting up their house and car just to get my brother out. >> reporter: a report released by the state treasurer says people of san francisco are paying an average of $10 million to $15 million a year in nonrefundable bail fees. >> this is just wrong. money should not be a determining factor how big your bank account is in whether or not you get out of jail. >> reporter: jerry is a long-time bail sergeanagent.
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>> proposition 47 dropped many felonies y s ties to misdemeano allowed people to be cited and released. theft under $950, you just get a citation and released. >> reporter: hillary roanen wants to set up a revolving bail fund to allow low income families to borrow money for bail. >> get their money back when that loved one shows up to the court hearings. >> reporter: she's introducing a resolution, urging san francisco's judges to lower bail in the county, which is now the highest in the state. vic lee, "abc7 news." berkeley's new city budget will focus o $650,000 will go towards emergency rental assistance and fighting evictions. $400,000 will kickstart plans to create a shelter and find permanent homes for the
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homeless. a record $140,000 will go towards the arts. the council voted to expand the city's rainy day fund to about 14%. department of homeland security secretary john kelly announced new aviation security measures today that will affect every commercial flight coming into the united states. melanie woodrow is live at the international terminal at sfo with reaction from passengers. melanie? >> reporter: no real changes here at the international airport here at san francisco international airport. for people are leaving, it's once they leave that they're coming back to san francisco, that's when they'll notice the enhanced security measures and people we spoke with today at the airport are not thrilled about the changes. homeland security secretary john kelly announcing new security measures today for all commercial flights coming into the united states. >> they will include screening of electronic devices and new
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measures designed to mitigate the potential threat of insider attacks. >> i don't know. it's hard to know what's motivating it. >> reporter: secretary kelly says it's time we raised the global baseline of aviation security. >> we cannot play international whack-a-mole with each new threat. we must put new measures in place to keep the public safe and make it harder for terrorists to succeed. >> reporter: we met margaret and jose, as they waited to treat their teenage daughter. >> it's not a matter of national security, it's a matter of national insecurity. >> i was randomly selected to check my whole bag, and that took a while. >> reporter: she says she was nervous, but didn't have anything to hide. mostly, she's happy to be home. the new security measures will be phased in over time and include advanced checkpoint screening technology.
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in san francisco, melanie woodrow, "abc7 news." war on san francisco's water fronts. next, see who is challenging the people for the right to say how tall is too tall? i'm spencer christian. a warming trend is under way, but will it last through the fourth of july? i'm have the accuweather forecast coming up. reborn with new technology and a new name. i'm jonathan bloom with everything you need to know about the forward go bike. you don't know where your life is going to go. >> back to his east bay
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the energy conscious whopeople among usle? say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here.
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a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. >> >> breaking news in boston.
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a building is going up in flames. it was under construction. it's six stories tall and the fire has gone to six alarms, with part of the building beginning to collapse. this was going to be 83 condos. they were all sold out and people were supposed to be moving in here in less than three weeks. you can see from these pictures right now, that is obviously not going to happen. here's a view of the city from the embarcadero today, on the same day that the people's right to decide the height of buildings is being challenged in court. three years ago, voters approved proposition b, which allows them to give developers permission to build tall eer structures. leeann melendez was in court today. >> reporter: the land used by this tennis club was meant to be the site of a luxury high rise project on san francisco's water front. proposition b passed in 2014 put an end to that project. leaving it up to voters to
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decide what goes up and how high. >> we should make it cheer that voters in san francisco always want to have a voice if height limits are going to be raised. >> reporter: and voters have. two developments are in the works, and the buildings will be higher than what is mandated, which ranges from four to eight stories high, depending on the location. one of those is at pier 48 at mission rock and the other is a residential project at pier 70 in the dog patch facility. almost immediately after prop b passed, the state commission decided to challenge the measure. the commission argues it should be the port commission, not voters, making that decision. >> we believe that the port commission and other city agencies can do a good job of managing those resources and protecting them. >> reporter: he says the port commission has trained professionals who are experienced in these kinds of projects. the public isn't.
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supporters of the proposition don't buy that argument. >> we're concerned about high rise developments along the water front. >> reporter: the sierra club opposes any major development. >> can you imagine the san francisco water front with the series of high rises like the empire state building along the water front? that's the concern. >> reporter: at today's hearing, the judge signaled the matter would likely go to troil in september. leeann melendez, "abc7 news." east day firefighters are getting help this fourth of july. "abc7 news" was at the contra costa fire protection distriute where we got a new look at their mobile command center. it will coordinate all fire operations for july fourth. the center can provide a constant data and communications stream to commanders, including real-time weather reports. the chief can even run this center from his i-pad.
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celebrations continue for the warriors. in addition to being this year's nba champs, draymond green has been named the nba's defensive player of the year, and general manager bob myers won executive of the year. the awards were announced monday. today, "abc7 news" reporter wayne freedman has the story of the victory tour, which began close to home for one of them. turns out bob myers hasn't forgotten his high school roots. >> reporter: here in danville, is it possible to get used to not one nba championship trophy in your gym but two? >> are you going to touch it? >> i might. >> reporter: impact on bob myers. how about draymond green, who just won the nba's defensive player of the year award. and graduate turn again manager bob myers, who used to play on this court. and just became the newly
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crowned nba executive of the year. he chose his old high school for today's press conference. >> awards are never for one person, they're for a group of people. >> reporter: this is about inspiration from beginning to end. see that man hugging draymond green? it's his high school coach from saginaw, michigan. his presence here a complete surprise. >> what did he say when he saw you? >> he said coach, i love you. >> reporter: draymond green's high school team won two back-to-back championships. today, draymond says he learned defense in saginaw. >> i text him during games, and he responds like we're in high school. >> reporter: as for bob myers, i asked what the kid he was playing on this court in 1993 would say about the man who showed up today. >> i was not overly confident. so i probably would look at someone like me that came back, i would say i don't -- i could
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never do -- i couldn't be that guy. >> reporter: it's all about possibilities. in danville, wayne freedman, "abc7 news." >> so great for the warriors. >> it is. >> here's a look at the high temperature trend over the next seven days in santa rosa. we've got a nice warmup coming our way and this trend is indicative of the pattern we see in high temperatures. notice over the next four days, as the average high of this time of the year is only 83. we'll see highs in the upper 80s to low 90s in santa rosa. temperatures drop sharply going into early next week, just in time for the fourth of july. even though it's going to be mild for most of the bay area for the fourth of july, it's not going to be very warm. you can see that we have mild conditions right now. sunny skies across the bay area, a little fog at the coast. it hasn't started to push very far across the bay.
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this is the bay from sutro tower. patches of fog pushing out of the bay right now. 64 in oakland. 67 in mountain view. san jose, 71. gilroy, 76. and 57 at half moon bay. and looking back at the city being swallowed by the fog, it's 73 in san to rosa. 79 in fairfield. 83 in concord. 76 in livermore. and a big patch of blue at the golden gate, as well as clouds pushing through. foggy conditions overnight, with a chance of patchy morning drizzle. warming continues over the next few days as i just pointed out. while the range of summer temperatures over the weekend. overnight, this is our forecast innovation. we'll see the fog reaching out over the bay, and locally inland. and there's a chance of spotty drizzle near the coastline. 5:00 tomorrow morning as the
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commute gets under way, visibility may be reduced in some areas. by afternoon tomorrow, look for sunny skies or at least partly sunny skies along the coastline and sunny over the bay and inland. overnight lows will be in the mid 50s. not much of a range of temperatures there. and tomorrow's highs in the south bay will rangs from low to mid 80s. 81 in san jose. upper 50s to low 60s on the coast, and in and around san francisco, mid 60s downtown and in south san francisco. up in the north bay, highs in the mid 80s. on the near east bay, highs in the low to mid 70s. and then in the inland east bay, highs in the upper 80s to low 90s. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. as i mentioned at the start of this report, we'll see rather warm conditions, especially in our inland areas for the next four days. temperatures will drop all
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around the region on monday. and by tuesday, fourth of july, mostly sunny skies, patch of foginess near the coast. highs ranging mid to upper 80s inland. not quite as toasty for the weekend. >> keeping our fingers crossed about that patch of fog. okay, thanks, spencer. when we say beach, is this what comes to mind? a survey of the best beach town just named a bunch of places
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a good day for the dow in most stocks that saw numbers rise today. the dow gained 143 points. there is a new survey out, and there are two bay area cities on it, among america's top beach towns. >> they're not the results you would expect. kristen sze is here with those findings. >> reporter: probably not. when you think of the best bay area beach towns, what comes to mind? santa cruz with the board walk? san francisco with the coastline? neither is on the list. two local cities are actually in
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the top 50. they may be surprising, though. we have mill valley at number 19. >> i think it's a beach town, because it is next to the water. >> reporter: most of the vanetia shoreline is mud flats, although you can find a small sandy beach that keeps these kids happy in the summer. we flew over mill valley, where residents may be confused. the town has a rocky shoreline, though it's just ten miles to stinson beach. it's based on rankings, affordability, weather, safety, education, health, and quality of life. now, some may take these findings with a grain of sand. after all, my favorite beach down hideaway is not on the list. eric, i'm sure everybody has
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their favorite beach towns. >> thank you, kristen. it's starting to feel like the fourth of july. fireworks started today. coming up, the simple difference what makes a firework legal or illegal. and next, michael finney gets results for a woman dealing with a car rental company that's been named in a class action lawsuit. and "abc7 news" is proud to take part in the san francisco homeless project for the second year. tonight, we focus on the young people and where they're turning to find a way to get off the streets.
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live where you live. this is "abc7 news." >> welcome back. "abc7 news" is joining more than 30 media organizations for the san francisco homeless project to raise awareness about the issue. >> on "abc7 news" at 4:00, we told you why so many homeless youth come to san francisco. they're seeking refuge and acceptance. but when they arrive, many struggle to find a way out. >> there's no shelter or clearinghouse to steer them in the right direction. and the need is great.
6:30 pm
>> reporter: how does one end up at 18 homeless? >> well, for many factors. for myself, it was family of eight with a single mom who couldn't support everyone. >> reporter: bela black came to san francisco from bakersfield. >> he didn't know where was a safe place and you don't know where or who is going to do what. >> reporter: today she has housing thanks to the help she received from larkin street youth services. one of a handful of organizations in the city that specifically works with homeless young adults under 25. cheryl adams is the executive director. >> throughout the city, we have a number of different housing programs to help young stabilize. we work on their goals and plans, ideally being able to launch from that into independence. >> reporter: young adults need more individual attention than older adults. >> we have literally thousands of young people who need safety
6:31 pm
and sanctuary, and they need a center. >> reporter: the city has built three navigation centers. these are clearinghouses for homeless people. getting them connected to services and eventually into housing. another center will open soon and two more are planned. young adults may use the centers, but none are specifically for them. the centers have proven to be very successful. 79% of the people who enter end up in stable housing. >> the next navigation center should be for young people. >> reporter: san francisco supervisor jeff shy has beenn pushing for more money to be spent on services. >> we need 25,000 square >> reporter: the district is where many end up. >> there's nowhere to drop in and sit down and relax and get
6:32 pm
case management. >> reporter: kristen knows many of the people who call the streets here home. he runs taking it to the streets, a nonprofit that puts kids to work cleaning the streets and finds them housing. he said the area's only late-night drop-in center closed three years ago. >> the closing was a tragedy. >> reporter: for 12 years, the homeless youth alliance was h hait street. a rent incross made it unaffordable and they've been looking for a new location ever since. >> it's not that they don't exist, land lords are unwilling to work with people who are poor. >> reporter: that has proved true for navigation centers, as well. >> it all sounds like a good idea to everybody. but they just don't want to hear it. >> it needs to be in a place that's accessible to public transportation, and that it's going to make sense for the
6:33 pm
youth. >> reporter: the mayor's point man on homelessness says a navigation center for young people is in the works. >> if we're looking for a site for that. >> reporter: but he won't say where or when it might open. in the meantime, young adults like bela black will have to navigate their way on their own. >> being homeless is not fun. >> reporter: in san francisco, leanne melendez, "abc7 news." >> "abc7 news" is proud to participate in the san francisco homeless project for the second year in a row. last year we helped reunite a homeless woman with her family. find all of our stories and ways to help at the fremont police department has reopened a decades old missing person's case. 25-year-old sherry disappeared february 27, 1989 on dakota road. she and her boyfriend had a daughter together that was five years old. investigators reopened the case
6:34 pm
due to new evidence. they're contacting known witnesses and asking anyone with information to come forward. a class action lawsuit with plaintiffs from multiple states claims a rental car company is routinely charging customers for charges they say they declined. >> now a viewer is saying she had trouble with the same company and came to michael finney for help. >> the lawsuit claims some pay less car rental companies were charged for services they said they declined. and then had difficulty getting their money back while waiting for a refund. one customer came to us with a similar complaint. >> i was going to go to seattle to visit my grandson and rent a car. >> reporter: jean reserved a car with pay less, but she found she could pay less with a different company. they said she could cancel for a $50 fee. she agreed.
6:35 pm
but instead of removing charges, she said payless added them. >> not only did they not refund my money, they charged me twice. >> reporter: instead of no rental, she was now charged for two rentals at $468 each. she contacted payless. >> and they said okay, we'll look into it. and that was on march 20th. >> reporter: payless did remove one charge, but not the second one. >> i explained the whole situation once again. i called them 15 times. >> reporter: months later, still no refund. >> a man said called 7 on your side. and i did. >> reporter: we found jean isn't the only one upset with payless. the bbb has received more than 800 complaints about payless in the past three years and given the company an f rating. last month, the bbb urged attorneys general in four states, california, florida, new
6:36 pm
jersey to investigate payless for what the bbb calls a pattern of issues in sales practices, cntracts, and billing with consumers. also, it faces a proposed chas action lawsuit, which claims payless tricked customers for paying for things they specifically declined. fees from these add-on products, not rentals, are payless' bread and butter. we reached out, but a company attorney said it would not comment on pending litigation. but payless did help out in jean's case, wiping out that extra $468 charge, telling us, we were not aware of the second reservation until she contacted us again. because the reservation was more than six months old, there was a delay if reviewing the case and processing the refund. >> 7 on your side was amazing. it's such an aid to the
6:37 pm
consumer. you're great. >> reporter: the judge in the lawsuit has denied a request to force this case into binding arbitration. the judge said customers did not find out about the arbitration clause until afterwards. the case is moving forward in court. >> michael, thank you very much. all right. hot, sunny days can create the worst conditions for firefighters. but that same sun channeled into a way to save money. >> a picture from the south bay camera. spencer is tracking the warmer temperatures
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feels like the fourth of july. fireworks saled started today. "abc7 news" was in dublin where sales will benefit a church's outreach program. >> we made a little over $15,000 last year. so it helps a lot. >> it's illegal to set off any firework that explodes. pay close attention to the rule where is you live. for professional fireworks
6:41 pm
shows, "abc7 news" has the bay area covered. go to for a full list. they had something to celebrate in concord today. "abc7 news" was at a ribbon cutting for the new solar system. the district worked with oakland's company to install solar panels at several stations. those panels will help power firehouses, shops, and a training center. the excess power will be sold back to pg&e. the project is expected to return $12 million to the district. plus, the shade those panels provide is saving the district money. >> the ability for us to have covered parking at our facilities is good. the fact we'll cover our training fleet of engines will extend their life. >> the district will use the solar savings to update outdated heating and air conditioning equipment. rolling out the bay area's new version of bike share meant rolling out the bikes. this is about more than just a new name. >> and the story that goes with
6:42 pm
the best video of the day.
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a couple weeks ago, we told you about penelope the porcupine
6:45 pm
in walnut creek. >> we didn't know she could really get down, but there she is. alyssa harrington caught the porcupine busting a move. what song do you think matches her sweet, sweet moves? tell us on our facebook page. >> quite entertaining. ford motor company has a new week that has no motor at all. jonathan bloom explains why a car company is rolling out a fleet of bicycles across the bay area. >> reporter: i don't really care what mark twain said, this is great biking weather in this city. on a damp morning, scores of people got their first ride on a bike with an unlikely name. have you ridden a ford lately. >> i came from denver for this. >> improving people's lives by changing the way we move.
6:46 pm
and for henry ford, 100 years ago, it looked like an automobile and a new way to get around. but for cities today, it's changed. >> reporter: ford go bike is a rebirth of bike share spread around san francisco, oakland, berkeley, emeryville and san jose. run by a company called motivate, which designs the bikes and will manage where they're placed. >> we'll be able to feed the places that we want more, and we will realize where the holes are. >> reporter: bike share advocates are hoping to solve the last mile of your commute. the same card you use for the bus will unlock a ford go bike. and once you get where you're going, just return it to another station. >> we want to walk, go someplace later on, ford does incredible flexibility. >> reporter: the program is $14.95 a day but --
6:47 pm
>> it's going to be affordable to anyone. low income residents will pay just $5 for the first year. >> reporter: 35% of the stations are in neighborhoods of economic concern. some because people requested them. >> people went online and said i wish you would put a bike station here. >> reporter: but ford motor company will put motors in some of the models. in san francisco, jonathan bloom, "abc7 news." >> it's a beautiful day to get outside and bike or walk or run or pretty much anything. >> gray clouds still blanketed the sky. you can see the ferry building clock tower on the right and the bay bridge in the background. >> just add the #abcnow when you post pictures on line. spencer is back now. >> more beautiful days coming our way. not that the days will be more beautiful, but more days that are beautiful. get it? here's a look at live doppler 7
6:48 pm
hd. let's move along. it couldn't be more beautiful than this. clear skies over the bay area right now, but the fog will move from the coast, lows in the early morning will be in the mid 50s. tomorrow, another beautiful day with sunny skies over the bay and partly sunny on the coast. highs ranging from 62 to 92 tomorrow. and coming up this weekend, the philmore jazz test valfestival francisco. temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. sunny days through the seven-day period. mild to warm for the next four days. but a little cooling trend beginning on monday. that means tempertures drop a bit be range we're looking at by tuesday, which is the fourth of july. but still nice and pleasant sunny day. >> thank you, spencer. >> see if sports is nice and pleasant today. >> i've been doing sports in the bay area for a long time. but tonight a first.
6:49 pm
coming up in sports, something you've never seen before. the raiders market king punching a carton of eggs. and what a day for the newest member
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before the giants wrapped up their series with colorado this afternoon, they put mark malancin on the disabled list. he has a problem with his right elbow and will have an mri. just called up, jay wong made his debut for the giants. and nolan arenado made the defensive play of the day. from the seat of his pants he throws in time to get the runner out. san francisco took the lead in the fourth with a man on. nick hundley goes deep to left for a two-run homer. it was 3-2, giants. the rockies came back to tie. but in the sixth, wong hits a long fly ball and it is out of here. his first major league hit proved to be the difference, as the giants win 5-3 and get their first sweep of the season. the a's are also on a roll,
6:53 pm
having won four straight on the road. tonight, they're playing in houston. it's game of thrones night at the park. george springer put houston on top with this ninth leadoff home run of the season, a club record. the a's took the lead in the third. chris davis connects for his second home run of the game, a three-run shot, made it 5-4, oakland. houston answers with a five spot this their half. former athletic josh redick singles off of josh smith. springer scores, now in the fourth, the astros lead 9-6. jessie hahn lasted just two innings n s for the a's. the rockets have acquired chris paul from the clippers for a group of players, including patrick beverly, lou williams and sam dekker. despite being one of the best mares in the league, paul has never head it to the conference finals. now he'll be sharing the basketball with the beard, james harden. the warriors two major award
6:54 pm
winners, the gm and draymond green were in danville today. myers, who was named nba executive of the year, got a warm welcome from green. the last two years, green had come in second to the spurs' kawhi leonard. >> he showed perseverance, because for two years, he was in that second spot, by i know draymond green doesn't like being in second place. so he got what he deserved, which is the reward and recognition. >> it's great. but i won't be satisfied until he's headed to the hall of fame. that's where i think he's heading. >> what does draymond mean to me? i don't think about him as a basketball player, he's a friend. he's going to be a friend for the rest of my life. i want to win championships with him, but if you askng about? we're talking about life.
6:55 pm
>> warriors' star steph curry will be putting his golf skills on display when he takes part in the tournament. the event will raise money for the warriors community foundation. >> when i thought i was getting a sponsored exemption, i had a lot of emotions. because i love playing golf. but to play with the best of the golf professionals is going to be a huge honor, a huge treat. and hopefully raising a lot of money for the foundation. so it's going to be really fun. i hope everybody comes out and watches. . see you guys there. >> we all nomknow football can put up money, but how about cake? how about a dozen raw eggs? quick bite before launching a chicken which cannot fly.
6:56 pm
a milkshake anyone? king did it all and more. now somebody has to clean up this mess. thank you,, for that video. i guess he did it just for kicks. >> join us tonight at 9:00 on cable 13. the patch that could replace the stick of a needle. how it protects you from the flu. and then at 11:00, taking the stress out of flying. san jose has a new plan to make traveling easier for passengers flying in and out of the airport. >> that's it for this edition of "abc7 news." look for breaking news on twitter. >> for all of us, thanks for joining us. see you later. >> bye-bye.
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♪ this is "jeopardy!" please welcome today's contestants -- a law student from new haven, connecticut... an english teacher from royal oak, michigan... and our returning champion, a student from provo, utah... ...whose 2-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. so far this week on "jeopardy!" our contestants have been showing off, posting some very impressive scores. i'm looking forward to this game, therefore,
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with william, nathan, and brandon. good luck, gentlemen. here we go. categories are as follows... hmm. next... all right. then... and finally... brandon. mood music for $200. nathan. what is "happy"? you got it. music for $400. nathan. what is bittersweet? yes. music for $600. william. what is excited? that's the word. portuguese history for $200.


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